CSS Validation in the Browser

A Next CSS Validator that checks combination of styles and elements.

Chrome Extension

Demo Video

Rule Editor

If you want to edit default rule, use rule editor page like below.

Click RuleID(e.g. Rule-2) or go to options page of extension
Edit Rules or Make Your Presets(shareable)
Rule Editor


Detecting problems of between CSS properties and HTML elements

Detecting problems after JavaScript and Media Queries

Detecting problems of Computed Style


If local then this is hidden. Because view count increments meaningless.

Road map

  1. []
    Enable test automation with media query, click, tap, scroll, etc. It's like a tracking validation.
  2. []
    Support firefox, ie11, edge, safari, mobile safari, mobile chrome with
    (BrowserStack is a awesome cloud testing service what uses real browsers and devices.)
  3. []
    Adding any CI tool.(Maybe, Circle CI)
  4. []
    Adding Report page with graph or chart
  5. [] - current
    Online Validation with URL with creating API.
  6. []
    Adding rule editor page